We are your partner to distribute modern nicotine products in Finnish market

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We supply vaping products, nicotine liquids and nicotine pouches to stores near consumers

We have a large network of sales points nationwide. Our products are sold in all large retail chain outlets in Finland as well as in vape shops, gas stations, kiosks, department stores and supermarkets.

For partners

We distribute your modern nicotine products to Finnish retailers

Selling nicotine liquids, vaping products and nicotine pouches in retail stores

Since TPD 2016 it has been legal to sell vaping products in Finland. We, as a market leader have had the opportunity to witness substantial growth in the Finnish vaping market on a yearly basis.

TPD 2016 introduced an online sales ban as well as a flavor ban permitting only the sale of tobacco flavored and unflavored nicotine liquid.

We are the leading vaping products distributor in Finland. We supply vaping accessories, vaping products and nicotine liquids not only to vape shops, but to the largest Finnish convenience store chains as well as smaller stores, kiosks, gas stations and night clubs.

If you want your nicotine liquids, vaping products and related vaping accessories into the Finnish market, we are the right partner for you! We have several years of experience in importing and distributing vaping products and successfully introducing new products to the market. Our ever-growing customer base of over 800 sales points trust us to bring the best products available to the market.

Supervisory fee for nicotine liquids

We have gathered information about the supervisory fees in the Finnish municipalities. You can check the supervisory fee in your municipality by typing the municipality’s information. 

Contact our customer service if you need the complete list of supervisory fees in Finland.

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