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We supply vaping products and nicotine liquids to stores near consumers

Our imported vape products and nicotine liquids are sold in all large retail chain outlets in Finland as well as in gas stations, kiosks, department stores and supermarkets.

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Selling nicotine liquids and vaping products in retail stores

In Finland the sale of e-cigarettes and nicotine liquids is legal for those with a permit to sell them and is in many ways comparable to the sale of tobacco.

The sale of nicotine liquids requires a permit which can be obtained from the local authorities.

The supervisory fee for nicotine liquids is paid annually and can be up to 500 euros. The supervisory fee varies by municipality is up to the municipality to determine.

Supervisory fee for nicotine liquids

We have gathered information about the supervisory fees in the Finnish municipalities. You can check the supervisory fee in your municipality by typing the municipality’s information. 

Contact our customer service if you need the complete list of supervisory fees in Finland.