About Us

Our mission – a smoke-free Finland

We import vape products, nicotine liquids, nicotine pouches and related accessories for Finnish retail chains. We have been a supplier of modern nicotine products since 2012 and have reliably guided our retail customers through the tobacco law’s biggest changes.

A good example of a legislation change that distinguishes the Finnish market from most other EU markets is the flavor ban introduced in TPD 2016 that permits the sale of only tobacco flavored and unflavored nicotine liquids.

We strongly believe that vaping products, nicotine pouches nicotine liquids should be a part of every retail chain’s product range because retail stores are the most convenient option for the consumers to buy vaping products. Unlike the rest of Europe, Finland has only few vape shops and they focus mainly on customer service and the sale of advanced vaping devices aimed towards the enthusiasts.

It is our goal to make modern nicotine products socially acceptable and to get vaping products, nicotine pouches and nicotine liquids into every Finnish outlet that is carrying tobacco products.

Our experience in launching consumer products, sales and our understanding of the legislation that regulates the products have helped us to reach an exceptional market position in Finland. We serve over 95 % of those with sales permit for nicotine liquids in Finland and for most of the outlets we are the only vaping product and nicotine liquid supplier. 

We are professionals when it comes to modern nicotine products

We are constantly monitoring and developing our business. A delivery guarantee of over 99% is standard for us and our continually developing electronic systems give us the opportunity to focus our energy on serving our customers and developing the modern nicotine product market. As a leader in the Finnish vaping business we consider it our social responsibility to convey fact-based information to authorities, stakeholders and consumers.

Our products can already be found in over 700 kiosks, retail stores and gas stations all around Finland. You can find for your closest retailer here.

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